Your freedom destination, Rage Festival, kicks off from 29 November through until 8 December 2019 and is hosted in Ballito, Umhlanga and Durban. Nightclubs, pool parties, special events, The Sound Factory, Superclub and much more. All this, in one place, over one epic week.


“Undoubtedly the best week of my Life! Nothing will ever come close to what I’ve experienced at Rage. If I had to choose one thing in life, I would choose to relive Rage Festival. I have no words left.”

Ismail Belim #Rage2016

“The Rage Festival Team helped me pull off something incredible for a very special person. They've gone way beyond what I'd hoped for. An incredible group of people organising a mind blowing event. Thanks so very much!”

Lisa Nahoon Parent

“The feeling I got when my friends and I arrived at Rage Festival, is a feeling I will never forget. I had the best time of my life that week. I would do anything to do it again.”

Duan Potgieter #Rage2016