The Sound Factory is Rage Festival’s mega venue which can house all Rage Festival goers inside one venue. Founded in 2013 when the all club venues in Kwazulu Natal could not hold the capacity of all Rage Festival goers under one roof.

The Sound Factory is a multi faceted entertainment Mecca which includes 3 main music stages encompassing the following genres, Hip Hop (Main Stage Megadome & Gin Floor), Techno & Psy Trance (Beat Burra), & Deep house (Main Stage Megadome & Gin Floor)

The Sound Factory has a variety of smaller experiential spaces which include small music stages, brand activations, multiple different bar experiences, food truck areas and chill out area’s. It has been rated as one of the country’s best production experiences boded for by the artists.

Expect the unexpected from one night to the next. The whole event site is a great environment designed for you to Rage and celebrate the end of an era with all of your friends.


To be confirmed.


Rage Festival has partnered up with Cabana Beach Resort to host the first series of Resort day events. Cabana Beach holiday resort is the perfect blank canvas to host events. The resort has 2 pools, a lush upper deck grass area which provides to perfect landscape to create intimate and unique styled dance area’s. There is a hip hop pool stage, deep house pool stage, the upper deck main stage, an acoustic stage and 1 secret dance floor hidden with in the hotel.

Make sure you look at the Cabana Beach promo video to get start the dream of the type of resort party you are going to have.