Rage Festival

Your freedom destination, Rage Festival, kicks off from 30 November through until 8 December 2018 and is hosted in Ballito, Umhlanga and Durban. Nightclubs, pool parties, special events, The Sound Factory and much more. All this, in one place, over one epic week. 🎉😉🐬🍹

From dusk till dawn; create endless memories, chill on the beach, dance on rooftops, listen to good tunes and experience our one of a kind mega venue, The Sound Factory. 🎶🍉👙🎉

Rage Festival 2018 is sure to be an epic week you won’t want to miss!! Join us and turn nights into mornings, friends into family and create memories that you will remember forever. ❤ #Rage2018


How can parents work with Rage Festival?

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Bring up your children to be good adults. And remember, just because we organize a “party”, doesn’t mean we are not people too.  We’re an awesome bunch of mostly young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Like any business, not everything is perfect. No matter what your request/issue, know we’re doing our best, always!

Don’t deny your children the right.  They’ve worked hard for this once in a lifetime opportunity and every year many Matriculants are denied the opportunity by their parents who don’t trust them or the environment. To all those parents we say consider this: Your child is 18 and like it or not, they will soon be out and about at nightclubs, university orientation week parties and other events. Here is a list of things that will not be present when they attend those things: 200 volunteers from the Red Frogs, 300 Rage Festival staff, 400 Rage Festival Security, on-site hospital facilities, responsible bar staff, SAPS… So Rage Festival is actually the perfect chance to fly the nest with a nice safety net beneath before the big bad world takes hold!

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