Spotted us on the roads yet? Rage Festival and MINI have partnered to give you the ultimate test drive experience and with it, the chance to drive a MINI around for the first 6 months in 2020.

Test drive any of the #MINIXRAGE fleet cars in Gauteng or KwaZulu-Natal between May and October 2019 for an entry into the draw which will take place at Rage Festival 2019.

Request a test drive below and our young vibey team will get in touch with you!


Are the MINI’s manual or automatic?

All the MINI’s driven by the MINI X RAGE team are automatic.

What MINI models are available for test drives?

Cooper 3-door, Cooper 5-door, Cooper S 3-door, Cooper S 5-door, Cooper Convertible, Cooper Convertible S

How do I request a test drive?

Click here to request a test drive.

How much does it cost to test drive a MINI?

It’s free!

How long can I test drive the MINI for?

The test drive experience is 15 minutes, however, we understand how hard it is to part with a MINI… so take your time and enjoy it.

Do I need a driver's license to test drive or is a learners fine?

Both a learner’s license and driver’s license are accepted. If you don’t have either just yet, don’t worry. Our MINI X RAGE team will happily drive you around instead.

Can my parents come with me to the test drive?

Of course, what better way to convince them that this is the car for you!

I’m feeling scared to test drive a MINI, what should I do?

Request a test drive anyway! If you’re feeling nervous, our team will happily drive you around instead and you will still be entered into the competition.

Is only one MINI being given away for this competition?

Yes, only one MINI is up for grabs! BUT, we’re limiting test drives to only 1200, so your chances at driving that MINI in 2020 are high.

How long do you win the MINI for in 2020?

6 months or up until you’ve reached 20 000km – whichever comes first.

Where can I test drive a MINI?

The test drive experiences are currently only full time in Gauteng and KZN. Our team will occasionally road trip to other provinces, so keep a watch on our social media channels to grab these opportunities.

How long is the competition running for?

The MINI X RAGE campaign is running until Rage Festival 2019, however, test drives are limited to only 1200 so the sooner you request, the better!

Are Ragents allowed to enter the competition?

Of course our Ragents can enter the competition! Please note that the Ragents have no advantage of winning over other Ragers.

How will the winner be chosen?

The winner of the MINI for 6 months in 2020 will be chosen randomly. There will be two phases of draws. The first phase will have all entrees in a draw and 10 names will be drawn at random. These 10 names will be the finalists. The final phase will be a random draw from the 10 finalists live at the Sound Factory.

When will the winner be announced?

The winner of the MINI for 6 months in 2020 will be announced live at Rage Festival at one of the Sound Factory events.