You’re officially leaving school, the only thing you’ve known for the past 12 years of your life. While for some of you this may be the happiest day, we know that for most it can be one of the scariest. As you jump feet first into the unknown, there is no better way to make sure you stick your landing, than by attending Rage Festival. Imagine walking into a restaurant for breakfast and bumping into hundreds of people you haven’t seen in ages or hopping into a Rage ride with strangers and making friends for a lifetime! What about having a chat with the person next to you in the pool and realizing they’re wanting to study the same thing as you, at the same place! Suddenly nothing feels that scary anymore. Suddenly you realize, this is exactly where you’re meant to be. And trust us, when you experience Rage Festival once, you’ll be fighting the urge to come back each year after!

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Sound factory

The heart of Rage Festival. Each year we work tirelessly to bring you the most incredible moments that you’ll still be sharing with the ballies in your old age home. There’s truly nothing quite like standing arm in arm in a crowd full of strangers that turned into friends, and friends that turned into family. As you stand together watching the mindblowing megamixes that we created just for you, or seeing your favourite artist perform your favourite songs. And in that moment, as the goosebumps spread through your arms, as your smile shines brighter than ever before and as the tears of joy begin to fill your eyes, you’ll realize that this is it! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life. And we are so excited to be able to share that with you!

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01 Dec
On our opening night of Rage Festival, all Ragers unite together under one roof at our Rage Festival Superclub. We can’t wait for you to experience the magic as we turn our Megadome into an all-in-one experience for one night only. What better way to start the best 10 days of your life?

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Remember when we said there’s something for everyone? Well, we meant it! Besides the epic Pool Parties and the out of this world Sound Factory, we will also be turning up the heat on ClubLife this year. Need a change of scenery? No problem, our Rage Rides are ready and waiting to take you to your next adventure! With more venues than ever before, you truly can experience it all by club hopping all over KZN.

rage by night


Everybody loves a good sunrise and what better way to watch one than by partying into it! We know that once you experience the fun at The Sound Factory or one of our Club Nights, you’ll never be ready to go home. But that’s okay! With multiple venues spread across KZN, there is always an After-Party waiting for you somewhere!

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Pool parties

Whether you need to recover from your wild night before or you’re just ready to get the party started again, the Pool Parties are definitely the place for you! Tan, swim, read a book, have a poolside nap, party with the DJ’s, get involved in some competitions, the list is endless! This year we have partnered with multiple hotels and venues so no matter where you are, you know the Pool Party is never too far!

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