Welcome to our festival FAQ page! Here, you can find answers to common questions about our festival, including information on tickets, transportation, accommodation, experiences, and more. We have compiled this list to help make your planning process as smooth and easy as possible. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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Rage Rides will be available to and from our Rage venues. Routes and prices will be released closer to the time.

Rage Festival kicks off in 2024 from 30 November to 7 December.

Rage Festival takes place in Ballito, KZN.

Your freedom destination. From pool parties to nightclubs, The Superclub, The Sound Factory and so much more. All this, in one place, over one epic week. 

Where nights turn into mornings, strangers into friends and friends into family. Create endless memories, partying on the beach, jumping between clubs, dancing till the sunrise, and experience our one of a kind mega venue, The Sound Factory.

Rage Festival 2024 is sure to be an epic week you won’t want to miss!! Join us in the start, to the rest of your life!

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 can attend the festival. 

If you are born in the year 2006 but are not 18 at the time of the festival, unfortunately you won’t get entry into the festival, even though you turn 18 in 2024. Rage Festival is a student festival and therefore not for anyone over the age of 25 years.

Ragents are the on-ground sales and marketing team for the festival throughout the year. They live, sleep and breathe the Rage Festival brand. Want access to anything to do with Rage Festival? They’re your go-to network.

We’re looking for the top entrepreneur in every school across South Africa to sell our Rage Festival Passports. If you can sell ice to an Eskimo, have the drive to sell and earn commission, love the Rage Festival brand and want to be a part of the Ragent family, keep an eye out for when 2025 Ragent applications open in August this year.

Ragent Application for 2024 are now closed.

Rage Festival conduct an absolute zero tolerance policy with regard to drugs. It is prohibited to use, deal or be in possession of drugs on the festival grounds. 

If you need to take prescribed medication due to health problems, you will need to be in possession of a valid medical certificate. We can only allow these specific medications if you can present a valid medical certificate at the entrance of each event at the festival.

Original identification only. Valid ID, Passport*, Driver’s License** only. No certified copies will be accepted.

*The Passport will need to be accompanied by a copy of the Passport, certified with a recent ID photo.

Anyone older than 18 years and younger than 25 years can attend the festival.

Side note – If you are born in the year 2006 but are not 18 at the time of the festival, you won’t get entry to the festival, even though you turn 18 in 2024.

Pre-Register to secure a two day preference to purchase a Rage Festival Passport ahead of the rest at Early Bird Prices. Being Pre-Registered does not guarantee a Rage Passport at the Early Bird price as these are limited and will be on sale on a first come first serve basis. Pre-Registration is open 1 to 23 February 2024 and Passports will be on sale from 3 March 2024, 12pm (midday).

If you have Pre-Registered, you do not have to purchase an Early Bird Passport, however, Pre-Registered users get first access to the Early Bird Rage Festival Passport pricing. The longer you wait, the more expensive Rage Festival Passports become as prices increase throughout the year. Black and Platinum Rage Festival Passports may also be sold out if not purchased early.

It is most likely that your email address was incorrectly entered. Please Pre-Register again with the correct email address.

If this is not the case it may be that Rage Festival uses a service that prevents blocking emails to most providers. In order to solve this we kindly ask you to:

  • Double check your SPAM, unwanted or all mail folder.
  • Resubmit the Pre-Registration form and double check the entered email.

If this still doesn’t work, please try to Pre-Register with a gmail or hotmail mailbox. These are known to work well and do not block the Pre-Registration mail.

Pre-Register again with the correct email before 23 February 2024.

The person attending Rage Festival must sign up/log in to purchase their Rage Passport. You must use your own personal email address, school email addresses will not be accepted.

The easiest way to pay from a place outside of South Africa, is using credit card. However, your card will need to be enrolled for 3D Secure. In order to enroll your card for 3D secure, please contact your bank. All payments will be charged in South African Rands. 

Your bank will convert this charge before deducting funds from your account, and usually adds a surcharge for this. 

If possible, try to get a local friend to purchase your tickets to avoid any difficulties.

Processing online transactions can be complicated, booking fees are all the costs the event organiser collects in order to make this secure online transaction possible. These comprise of the bank fees, payment gateways charges, commissions and other administrative costs.

Rage Passports are your tickets to freedom. We get that one size doesn’t fit all, so we’ve created 2 Rage Passport types for you to experience Rage Festival the way you want to. Head over to ‘Passport Types’ in our menu to choose the Passport that suits you.

Rage Passports go on sale 3 March 2024.

Don’t miss out on Pre-Registration open from 1 to 23 Feb. Being Pre-Registered will give you 48 hour exclusive access to Early Bird prices*.

*Being Pre-Registered does not guarantee a Rage Passport at the Early Bird price as these are limited and will be on sale on a first come first serve basis.

rage.howler.co.za to purchase your Rage Passport.

Before you can purchase a Rage Passport you will need to Pre-Register through rage.howler.co.za so that we have all your details pre-purchase to ensure a speedy process when purchasing your Rage Passport. 

Once Rage Passports are on sale on March 3rd, Pre-Registered customers will get first access to Early Bird prices, however this does not guarantee an Early Bird Rage Passport as it’s still first come, first serve 😉  Pre-Registration opens on the 1st of Feb.

Rage Reunion Passport are only for returning Ragers who have purchased a Rage Passport in the past. Past Ragers must be signed in to their Howler account using the same email address they used to purchase their previous Passport in order to purchase a 2024 Rage Reunion Passport. 

Still struggling? Email the below information to info@gandgpro.com

  • Full Name
  • The email address used to purchase previous Passport
  • ID number

Please email the below details to info@gandgpro.com

– Parent’s name, ID number and registered email address

– Attendee’s name, ID number and Rager’s email address

We will edit the ticket details and you will be notified once the changes have been made. 

Please email the below details to info@gandgpro.com

– Incorrect registered email address

– Attendee’s correct name, ID number and email address

We will edit the ticket details and you will be notified once the changes have been made.

  1. Check Your Spam / Junk Folder
    It is not uncommon for your e-tickets to end up in the spam, junk or promotions folders of your email client. Check these folders before contacting our support team.
  2. Check your “Tickets”
  3. You can find all purchased tickets in under “Tickets” on Howler.
  4. Use the incorrect email address when purchasing tickets?
    Provide us with the event you purchased tickets to and any other supporting purchase information. One of our support team will organise to have your tickets re-issued to you. Contact the Howler support team at any time by clicking here or emailing support@howler.co.za
  1. Sign in to your Howler accounts
  2. Visit your Wallet.
  3. Select Orders
  4. You will see a full history of all your orders, and their statuses.

Check that you have logged in with the ticket holder’s email address. If no ticket appears in this Wallet, send the below details to info@gandgpro.com

– The registered email address the purchase was made with

– Attendee’s name, ID number and email address

– Proof of payment 

We will match the payment and the Passport ticket will be issued to the Rager’s Howler account.

You will be notified once the payment has been matched and the ticket issued.

For further questions not addressed in these FAQ’s or in our Guides, please email us at info@gandgpro.com 

Passport/Ticket queries whatsapp: 066 492 8558

Information relating to the collection or delivery of your Rage Festival Passport will be communicated during the year via email, app notifications, on our social media and through Ragents. Your Rage Festival Passport will need to be registered before collection/delivery. Collection usually takes place on the first day of the festival at the festival venue and continues to stay open for collection until the end of the festival.

Due to club capacity in certain clubs, Rage Festival cannot guarantee that all Platinum Passport holders will be given entrance into that club. In the event of clubs reaching capacity, as a Platinum Rage Festival Passport holder, you will have the option of waiting to gain entrance or be re-directed to the nearest alternative club event.

Yes, email the below information to info@gandgpro.com

– Rager’s name, ID number and email address

– Current Passport/Ticket type

– Desired Passport/Ticket type

You will be notified of the next steps required to complete the upgrade.

A 15% admin fee on your current Passport will apply.

A refund can be requested provided the Rage Festival Passport has not been delivered or collected. Any refund will incur a cancellation charge depending on when the refund is requested. This cancellation may be done at any time prior to the day before the date of the event by sending a cancellation notice to info@gandgpro.com 

Please refer to the refund policy page on our website.

  1. Log in to your Howler account here
  2. Click Orders or Tickets (for events in the past, you’ll only be able to find information on the Orders page)
  3. Click on the the 3 vertical dots on the right hand side and click on the Request refund option.
  4. Click on “Request From Refund Protect”
  5. You will be redirected to the Refund Protect refund application form page where you will be required to provide your booking confirmation reference

Refunds can take up to 7-14 days to reflect in your account, and may not appear as a new transaction, but rather as a credit on the original transaction date.

No, the scalping or reselling of Rage Passports/tickets is illegal and not allowed. Rage Passports cannot be transferred into another person’s name.